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I am an entrepreneur with 7 years of creating small and medium scale businesses. I started out in the agricultural exportation business sourcing and exporting cash crops from age 19 while studying biochemistry at the Lead City University. I then moved into the importation and branding of fast moving beauty and fashion items with brands like, and in 2013-2016. generated over N300,000,000 in revenue in its first year.

My interests have since evolved into creating businesses with bigger ambitions under the parent company, Divergent Enterprise. With interests in pig farming, bacon, and sausage processing, branding and marketing with two companies, porkmoney and porkoyum having Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Adesua Etomi-Wellington as signed brand ambassadors under those brands. I also co-founded a real estate company, landlagos, with a goal to make popular the practice of curtailing the usually unreasonable pricing of property in Lagos state. In other to get our message across we signed on Richard Mofe Damijo as the brand ambassador to the real estate company.

I currently serve as the Chief Executive Officer of all the above named ventures.

Outside of my pure business interests I am very passionate about women and I launched femfunds in July of 2018 with a goal of providing women in Nigeria with interest free loans and free skill acquisition. This a growing organization with plans to help more women achieve their goal of financial independence by learning skills and getting cheap finance that I believe would create a cycle of empowered women who would in turn help empower other women.

Glory Osei is the Co-Founder and CEO

of the following companies


The leading pig farming enterprise in West Africa. The objective is welcoming financial partnership from interested persons around the world. Partners' funds sponsor the purchase and breeding of pigs till maturation. The pigs are then processed, packaged and sold after 11 months. Partners earn between 20-35% returns on their capitals based on preferred plan..

Porkoyum is the e-commerce subsidiary of PorkMoney that completes the business cycle. At Porkoyum, end-users will be able to purchase the chopped, processed and packaged pig produce, namely the Porkoyum Bacon and Porkoyum Sausages. Both Porkoyum products can be ordered online and purchased from a variety of stores across Lagos.

A real estate company with a mission to control and reverse the unfair and unrealistic inflation of property pricing that makes the average Nigerian unable to own their own. Our goal is to provide affordable real estate assets to the average working Nigerian, allowing for weekly and monthly payments in other to help our working Nigerians actualize their goals of owning their own.


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(A hands on approach to building a successful online niche e-commerce brand/business)

Building a business in Nigeria is hard, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Trial and error is so expensive that most businesses fail from the jump. I started out in business 7 years ago and I have learnt a lot of things. Information I wish I had someone teach me, I would have paid millions for it and I did. Learning all I am about to teach you came at a price that has many times threatened to bankrupt me. I survived my lessons and my businesses thrive because of it. This lessons are now packaged and cleaned up for you at a little price, too little if you ask me, but more important than anything would be your ability to actually listen and ask questions and most importantly win. It is my goal to see you win in 2019 and onwards. Information is sometimes more valuable when shared. Take this as half a gift, the other half lies in your ability to take this information that I have gotten through sweat and many tears and use it to enrich yourself.

This is a hands on approach to building a multimillion Naira online brand/business in one year. I want to be a part of that journey, thank you for trusting me with your time.